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Advising clients on how to protect their brands, consepts, and ideas in view of business strategies. A Plus Legal patent attorneys are skilled in successfully preparing patent applications in anticipation of licensing opportunities and potential litigation. Business law firm providing a full range of counseling and litigation services to clients throughout the United States and internationally.

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A Plus Legal (Patent Infringment)

If you have a patent in the United States and someone tries to sell your product overseas what happens? What rights do you have as a patent holder. A patent gives you rights only in the country where the patent is issued. A patent issued in the United States gives the holder the sole right to exclude others from making, using, selling or offering for sale the invention in the United States. A patent in China will give certain rights in China, a European patent will give protection rights in those European countries in which you ratified the European patent.

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A Plus Legal (Patents)

There are many databases, including the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website which list published patents. Searching the USPTO site for patents on inventions similar to yours (prior art) is the first step. In order to get an invention patent, your invention must be unique enough to be allowed by the patent office. An examiner at the patent office looks at all the prior art when determining whether to allow your patent. Experienced patent attorneys will make a judgment on what they think the USPTO will allow when evaluating your patent application. The patent attorney will then write your application in a way to maximize your chance of success and, after your review, will file it with the USPTO.

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