A Plus Legal

A Plus Legal: Providing Quality Legal Services to Clients Nationwide

A Plus Legal is a leading law firm that has been providing top-notch legal services to clients across the country. Founded in 2005, the firm has earned a reputation for its expertise in various areas of law, including personal injury, family law, criminal defense, and civil litigation.

Over the years, A Plus Legal has grown to become one of the most respected law firms in the country, thanks to its commitment to delivering outstanding results for its clients. The firm’s team of experienced attorneys and support staff is dedicated to providing personalized attention to each client, ensuring that their legal needs are met with the highest level of professionalism and care.


The firm’s success can be attributed to its impressive track record of achieving favorable outcomes for its clients. Here are some statistics that highlight the firm’s accomplishments:
A Plus Legal has a 98% success rate in personal injury cases, with an average settlement value of $1.5 million.
In family law cases, the firm has helped more than 500 clients achieve favorable outcomes in matters such as divorce, child custody, and adoption.
A Plus Legal has successfully defended clients in over 90% of criminal cases, including those involving DUI, drug offenses, and white-collar crimes.
The firm has won more than 80% of civil litigation cases, including those involving breach of contract, employment disputes, and intellectual property infringement.


A Plus Legal has established itself as a trusted legal partner for clients seeking high-quality legal services. With a proven track record of success and a commitment to personalized attention, the firm continues to be a leader in the legal industry. Whether clients are facing a personal injury, family law, criminal defense, or civil litigation matter, A Plus Legal is the go-to choice for exceptional legal representation.